Lindsay Wright's web page, such as it is.
An ongoing procrastinatory effort.
La Pavoni Professional Espresso maker The best coffee ever! (A cross-sectional portrait)

Pavoni Express : A copy of a vanished site giving servicing information for La Pavoni Espresso makers
Sue & Jeff's "Pick and Shovel Murders"

Yes, my web page is kinda empty isn't it? This is one project that is slowly going nowhere. Too many other web pages to look after and not enough interest in promoting my introverted self would be the problem. I just have other things to do that I enjoy more, like drinking coffee and listening Frank Zappa's extraordinary music.

And no, I don't have a blog, or do much on Facebook.

The pic at the top? No significance, I just like it. See the entire original, borrowed from

Random shit dept: Here's a very cool essay by Isaac Azimov about the fact that the flat earth theory is wrong, but not terribly wrong ... and other gems.

A few of the web pages I've authored and currently act as webmaster...

The love of my life ;)
OceanFun Publishing Ltd - A cool Google maps application for Time and Tide. - Mostly done but still needs some work.

My hero, Frank Zappa
SurfWatch Cottages, Kaikoura.
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